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Estate Planning and Probate Law

Estate planning

To serve your estate planning needs, we listen carefully as you describe your intentions and then structure an estate plan that will achieve the results you want, as tax-effectively as possible. Estate planning is a creative field of law and we take pride in the satisfaction of solving problems for both individuals and families. You probably already know the importance of having a will to take care of your children in the event of your death. Once you have achieved a certain level of financial security, you want to preserve maximum assets for yourself and your family.

Solutions to estate planning problems often involve use of will and trust arrangements to protect assets from taxation. We draft documents that satisfy the applicable legal requirements while implementing the client's goals. Programs can be designed to assure security for spouses, children and grandchildren. Increasingly, clients are concerned with their own long-term ability to handle financial and healthcare matters. Living wills and powers of attorney that are tailored to meet the client's unique requirements often provide the solutions.

Probate law

Probate and estate administration are the processes through which estate assets are transferred after death. Probate means, in essence establishing the validity of a Will the deceased may have had, determining the deceased's "legal" heirs if there has been no estate planning, detailing the deceased's probate estate (called the inventory), paying appropriate debts, and, finally, distributing the deceased's property to the people entitled to receive it. In the right set of circumstances this may be a relatively straight-forward process; in others, unforeseen issues or a lack of pre-planning may create unanticipated problems. Whatever the situation, at the Davidson Law Offices, we strive to provide the high quality legal counsel necessary to navigate the deceased's family through this sometimes mysterious and often misunderstood process.